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Welcome to! You'll find all sorts of information about Eurailing and train travel in Europe, written from first hand experience. I put this site up for anyone considering taking the train through Europe, and to help explain a few things that you might run into, and share some of my experiences backpacking in Europe.

Train Travel in Europe

The first time I went backpacking in Europe, I bought a Eurail pass good for 60 days, and 17 countries. I went to just about each one of them too! It was a great experience. I was young, bought a cheap flight to Europe, travelled on my own and it was my first time to Europe. I met many other travellers from all over the world in the same position, and after a few weeks of travel in Europe, I found I was often 'coaching' new travellers along the way as to the do's and dont's of European train travel.

Eurail passes and information

All the Eurail information you need!

All the Eurail pass information and European train travel info you need is right here. And if it isn't, feel free to ask!

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Eurail Pass InformationTrain Travel in Europe

Eurail Pass Information

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